Mothers Together
Mothers Together
Megan Champion

Welcome to Mothers Together

A Support Group-Style Community for Mothers Raising Neurodivergent, Out-Of-The-Box Kids

About Mothers Together

Founded by fellow mom and educator Megan Champion, Mothers Together was created to provide life-changing support to moms whose children go against societal norms. Moms who struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, and doubt in their parenting abilities. Moms who suffer from loneliness because no one else in their lives have kids like theirs. Moms who would give anything to find connection and validation with others who understand what it's like. We all want to feel seen and heard. We all want to be told that, despite our challenges, we're doing an amazing job. That we are enough. Here in Mothers Together, your people are waiting. You are home. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE SIGN UP!

What Does Joining Look Like?

Mothers Together is made up of three parts. 

1) 24/7 access to an off-social media forum that's searchable by category. For example, you can search by location, age of child, diagnosis, behavior, type of schooling, etc. You can ask questions, get advice, and share links and resources!

2) Personalized small support groups (called Pod Squads) that are tailored to meet your needs. You'll be placed with moms going through a similar experience looking for similar support. You'll meet weekly on Zoom and have the chance to check in daily to offer and receive support via text threads and the Marco Polo video messaging app.

3) Monthly guest expert LIVE Q+A sessions to get professional advice on the spot. In the past, we've had on an OT, an ADHD expert, a pediatric neuropsychologist, a therapist, and more.

*As a bonus, you'll be able to connect with ALL the moms in Mothers Together through specific topic-based threads on Marco Polo and the forum, such as Highly Sensitive Moms, Neurodivergent Partners, One-Child Family, and MANY more.

Questions? Here are a few FAQs.

How Do You Place Moms in Their Pod Squads?

After you sign up, I’ll send you a survey with follow-up questions, such as your time zone, age of your child, etc. - that way, I can place you in a Pod Squad with like-minded moms!

What Time Are the Meetings?

It’s up to you and your Pod Squad. After you’re settled on the forum and have connected with your group, you’ll discuss days and times to meet that work for everyone. 

Who Facilitates the Meetings?

For the first three weeks, I will join the meetings and get everyone feeling comfortable. I’m always prepared with a topic question if necessary, but SO many times, moms just get to chatting and venting that it’s not needed! 

What’s Marco Polo and Why Do We Need It?

Marco Polo is a free video messaging app where, just like with texting, you leave messages for each other, but with video. While it’s not mandatory (nothing in Mothers Together is!), it’s the #1 way to build friendships and community with the members of your Pod Squad. There’s something about seeing each other’s face and hearing your voice that personalizes the support more than just a text message - and the bonds that come from this are unmistakable. Not to mention, there are dozens of Marco Polo threads that will connect you with other moms in Mothers Together besides just your Pod Squad! It’s the best way to build your tribe.

What is the Time Commitment?

Essentially, it’s up to you. In Mothers Together, the support that you receive matches the support that you give. While it helps to show up to the weekly meetings and check in every few days (or more) on Marco Polo, it’s not required and we all understand that life happens! Do whatever feels best for you!

Who Are the Monthly Guest Experts?

They change every month! In the past, we’ve brought on an OT (Laura @theotbutterfly), a pediatric neuropsychologist, an ADHD expert, a 2E therapist, and more! The best part is, these wonderful guests allow us to do a Q+A with them, so that we can pick their brains in real time!

Is There a Cost?
Mothers Together is a membership, and there is a monthly fee of $39.99. There is also NO commitment - you can stay for just one month or for years. Whatever brings you the support you need! Please reach out via email ([email protected]) with any questions!

Testimonials from a few of our members!

  • “I’m so thankful for this group. It makes the hard moments a bit easier knowing in the back of my mind I can take it back to the squad and they’ll understand. I actually think I’ve been more patient just because I know that support is going to be there.”

  • “I am so glad I joined Mothers Together. I was a little nervous before the first meeting, but Megan leads the discussions with such kindness, warmth, and support, that the conversations flow with ease. There is zero judgment and the other mothers instantly get you and your children, because they are right there with you in the thick of it. This was exactly what I needed - a safe place to share with other moms who deeply understand. I'm excited to watch the group as it grows!” 

  • “I believe everything happens for a reason even though you may not understand it right away.  We have all had challenging nights trying to get our kiddos go to bed and one night in ended with lots of screaming, lots of tears and a ransacked room.  This night left me exhausted and searching for more tools to help my child with emotional regulation.  I found a Facebook page which led me to Megan and she introduced me to this amazing community.  This is a safe place to open up and find people that get you. This community has helped to confirm that I am a good mother and I am doing the best I can for my child.  A community of strong women that can lift you up when you feel most vulnerable.  You are not meant to be on this journey alone...”